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Jakob Green Solutions

The Jakob Inox Line Green Solutions catalogue takes some of the best elements of the INOX range and packages them together with a common 4mm diameter wire size and an M8 thread size creating a catalogue that is essential for domestic to small commercial scale greening. The common wire and thread size makes the whole range adaptable to each other providing maximum flexibility in design and ensuring the correct trellis is created for your project and the selected plant species.

Jakob have provided information on plant selection, appropriate systems to match with your choice along with preliminary loading advice and maintenance. Further climatic information based upon broad criteria and suitable plants species are given, there is no better greening catalogue on the market.

To download a PDF copy of the Green Solutions Catalogue click here.

Jakob Basic

Jakob Rope Systems are the producers of the Jakob INOX line range of wire rope  and rod fittings. For more than 100 years Jakob have strived for product innovation and the INOX line range is testament to that with terminals and connections providing an unlimited range of applications. The INOX line range contains stainless steel wire and rods for use in tensile structures and applications, it caters for 2mm to 20mm wire diameters with a complete range of fittings for each and 6mm to 24mm stainless rods. The parts are suitable for use in the balustrade, green facade, tension structures and membrane structure industries or any situation where a tensile member is required. INOX line offers form and function and above all flexibility.

To download a PDF copy of the Basic Catalogue click here.

Jakob Webnet

Jakob Webnet is an impressive versatile material, its use is multifunctional and durable. Made from stainless steel wire rope, this tensile mesh is able to be laced to a support structure to provide railings, training systems for plants and facades through to fall protection. Made from stainless steel 316 grade wire and available in wire diameters 1-3mm and aperture openings of 25mm-300mm the mesh is dynamic and strong.  The mesh is made to order and can be assembled into any size or shape, Webnet can provide a flexible, intelligent solution for your next project.

To download a PDF copy of the Webnet Catalogue click here.

Jakob Zoo Enclosures

Zoo enclosures the world over strive to present their animals in naturalistic enclosures for the health and well-being of those in the keeper’s care and for the viewers to see the animals in their natural state. Webnet stainless steel mesh provides a barrier to the enclosure that is ambiguous, strong and flexible. Webnet minimises viewing obstruction with its intelligent use of tensile architectural supports and opens up a freedom of design when considering the shape and layout of an enclosure. Added to this is the innovative sleeveless Webnet mesh, which can withstand even greater loads than its sleeved counterpart while further increasing transparency. So far Webnet mesh has been used for large cats, aviaries, primates and is suitable for most other land animal species with the size and resilience of the structure able to be adjusted to suit.

To download a PDF copy of the Zoo Enclosures Catalogue click here.

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